Updates on Search Efforts

Posted: June 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

Stevie’s mom, Vivian, reports on her recent efforts:

“I’ve gone to Bellvue and Beth Israel in Manhattan, Kings County, Wykoff and Woodhull in Brooklyn, Jacobi, Bronx Lebanon, Lincoln, Montefiore and North Central in the Bronx. The hospital police have agreed to post flyers in the office, ERs, and some wards. Admissions in all have checked using her name, DOB, social, unknown and looked at admittance of females around her age and description in last 6 weeks, nothing.

My colleagues gave out over 1500 flyers near Times Square and the Port Authority area last Friday. Some have taken flyers into their neighborhoods. I have given flyers to fast food restaurants (asking that they display them in their staff lounges) in heavily populated areas on the eastside of Manhattan like 14th St, 23rd st, 54th st and 86th st.

I am looking into a private investigator. Would prefer someone who comes highly recommended with references, experience and the ability to obtain video surveillance that will enable us to follow her trail from 41st and 8th at 8:53am and beyond. Because PIs are so expensive and priced for a specific number of hours, we have to be careful to ask them to obtain specific and relevant info.

I’d like to start looking into locations where free food is being handed out and those Churches which provide no questions asked nightly shelter to the homeless. I will also start working on the westside of manhattan.

People who are willing and able can circulate flyers into fast food restaurants and request that they put them in their staff lounges, as well as asking gas attendants and supermarket managers to display them in their facilities. This can be done in their own neighborhoods, visiting neighborhoods and high traffic areas.

We are very close to $2000 now. Recommendations for PI are needed.”

  1. Hope the search is going well. I hope you find her good luck

  2. Debra maldonado says:

    I feel your anguish! I too, have a daughter…just turned 18 years old.. To me… 19 is still a baby… Everyday I pass by your flyer and everyday I search for your daughter… I’m sure you have considered this.. But perhaps there’s a young man involved?? did she exIt port authority?? one of stevies friends has to know something?? If I can assist you in any way please email me…
    I am also a mother,

  3. Jasmine says:

    I am in Canada and have shared her info…we need to get it to ask many people as possible. I pray and hope for her safe return xoxo

  4. Chrissy says:

    Your daughter looks really familiar. I’m wondering if she may just look like someone I’ve seen around, but her hairstyle is pretty unique. I’m in the Philadelphia area. I can’t remember when or how long ago it was, but I feel like I’ve seen her. I would start looking in Philly just to be safe.

  5. Stone says:

    I just watched the story about Stevie on TVOne, I was deeply touched, and my prayers goes out to the Bates family and to Stevie, that she is safe and will one day soon return home……

  6. lisa hogan says:

    Doing my best to get her face.and name out to the transient community.

  7. Edward Waters says:

    Has the family ever considered a Psychic, I know some people don’t believe in their abilities but they have been known to help a lot of families and solve a lot of issues, I would consider meeting with one I don’t think it would hurt… I saw your story and was very touched over this, someone definitely knows where this young lady is or what happen to her. A concerned gentlemen.

    • BellaRae Diva says:

      The Long Island medium is a great possibility as it will give yet another demographic to know she’s gone… I feel like my lil sister is missing I’m so sorry for your anguish

  8. LGC says:

    Praying for her safety! Be encouraged

  9. Yah says:

    I watch Find Our Missing and was surprised and sadden when a young black girl went missing in Manhattan,NY. Usually when I watch FOM its people missing from other states and now this one hit close to home. I live in Queens, NY and will definitely keep your daughter photo in mind whenever Im out. I hope she found safe and in good health, praying for your family. Stay strong

  10. Faith says:

    I just watched FOM & immediately went online to see if there were any positive updates (ie – that she had since been found alive & well). I am SO sorry that that is not the case. You & your family are definitely in my thoughts & prayers.

  11. renee wallace says:

    i just watch the story yesterday and its very sad, i could see the anquish in the whole familys faces wow u are in my thoughts and prayers i hope see is alive and well and will surface soon

  12. T Culver says:

    I saw the episode on TVone,I pray that she is found unharmed,so her family can have some closure. Prayers going up for Stevie Bates and her family!!

  13. Karessa says:

    I send my prayers out to you. Stevie looks from very familiar to me but it could just be that she looks like someone. I am originally
    from Brooklyn but attended college in Massachusetts and now in back in the same area. I will keep my eyes open.

  14. SN says:

    I wonder….Stevie is a beautiful free spirit; and since she was able to up and go across the country on a whim, could she possibly have gone or been taken out of NY? I hate situations like this.

  15. Nikki says:

    Try hooking up with a legitimate pyschic through the police dept. They probably can give some clues

  16. RENEE says:


  17. Debbie says:

    This is past ridiculous!!!!! If she would have been a celebrity or a Boston bomber… You best believe they would have found her!!! This is so heart breaking to me… I have 2 girls 26 and 18….and I overwhelm them with my fear…. Something better has to be done! No! Something better must be done!! Lets rally everybody together and walk to the mayors office…. I’m down… Who else wants to join??

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