It is with deepest sorrow that we announce after nine long years of suffering the unknown our greatest fear has been confirmed. Through the recent discovery of our beloved Stevie’s remains, we now know that her precious life was taken in April of 2012. We the family of Stevie Bates would like to thank you for your unwavering support and prayers throughout this catastrophic and unimaginable tragedy. Funeral arrangements and details will be posted shortly. Condolences and support are welcome–please see the GoFundMe link below. You can also reach out to us at

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Vivian Jones, Stevie’s mother, has written an updated narrative with full details on the actions taken in Stevie’s case.

On April 26, 2012 Stevie was returning from a cross county trip, traveling alone by Greyhound bus to NYC from Hot Springs AK.  I last spoke with her at 7:52 pm on 4/27/12 while she was at a layover bus stop in PA.  I was able to view surveillance cameras at NY Port Authority which showed her coming up the escalator from the Greyhound bus at 8:51am and walking downtown on 8th avenue from 42nd st on 4/28/2012.  Stevie has a very distinct look of shoulder length hair that is dyed blonde and in dread locks.

When I last spoke with Stevie on 4/27 she specifically told me that when she arrived in NYC she would stop in Brooklyn to meet up with her ex boyfriend, Brandon Klosterman, and come to the house the next day.  I have not heard from or seen her since.  None of her friends have seen her.  She’s had no activity on Facebook since April 26, 2012 (when she had a Facebook conversation with her ex boyfriend Brandon Klosterman, who she would be meeting up with in Brooklyn as soon as she arrived in NYC ).  Her other conversations on Facebook were with her best friend (whom she made plans to meet up with for spring break), and a few other high school friends. The friend she was to meet up with, Brandon Klosterman, claimed he hadn’t seen her since before she left NYC on April 19, 2012 to begin her travels.  She has not had any activity on her card since April 26, 2012. Stevie NEVER goes without calling me.

My daughters last known and documented address was in Brooklyn with her older sister Sherina Bates.  Since I myself became a new resident of Yonkers in April of 2012, NYPD would not take the missing persons report because:

  1. NYPD said she was 19 and could go as she pleased, (regardless of the fact that I told them my daughter Stevie never ever goes without calling me). They also said that since I didn’t have any proof that she even made it to NYC (because when I last spoke with her she was at a layover stop in PA), that I should contact  NYC Port Authority.

  2. NYC Port Authority redirected me to PA Port Authority.

  3. PA Port Authority redirected me to Arkansas where she first boarded the greyhound bus to NYC, (even though I told them I spoke with her while she was in PA at the layover).

  4. Arkansas verified that she boarded the bus and redirected me back to PA  Port Authority.

  5. PA Port Authority redirected me the PA Police Department.

  6. The PA Police Department verified via video surveillance that Stevie re-boarded the bus in PA heading to NYC and, they redirected me back to NY Port Authority.

  7. NYC Port Authority then redirected me back to NYPD.

  8. NYPD then redirected me to Yonkers, because I told them I had just become a Yonkers resident (even though I told them Stevie lived in NYC with her sister).

By this time I was frantic and frustrated with the run around I was receiving, so I finally filed the Missing Persons Report in Yonkers.  Two weeks later when Yonkers finally got around to going down to NYC to check the video footage, we verified that she did make it into NYC.  I then made several attempts via phone calls to precincts and walk-ins to precincts, to get the case transferred to NYC.  NYC said they couldn’t duplicate the Missing Persons Report and that Yonkers had to follow up on the case.  Due to Yonkers limited resources and a lack of effort, many crucial opportunities were missed (like crucial video surveillance up and down 8th Ave and the subway stations) which could have helped us track her steps and follow any leads that may have shed light on what happened to her and where she went after leaving Port Authority on 4/28/12.

My daughter’s case should never have been pushed off to Yonkers.  She is an NYC resident and she was last seen via video footage at NYC Port Authority therefore NYPD should be handling her case.

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One Year of Missing Stevie

Family and friends: Please click on the link above in order to participate in Sunday’s event.

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Dear friends – please help spread the word by printing and posting this flyer any and everywhere, both in cyberspace and in the real world. This has updated information for 2013. Many thanks.


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Thanks to all of our followers and readers for watching and commenting on this episode. TV One will air an encore showing on January 20 at 1PM or Sunday, January 27 at 2 PM (Eastern Time) or you can click on the link below. We thank you for sharing and spreading Stevie’s story far and wide.

TV One: Find Our Missing features Stevie’s story

Photo of Stevie featured on the 9/25 episode of The Ricki Lake Show

Though this photo indicates that Stevie is now 20 years of age, she is 19 until late December 2012.  Here is a short clip of the episode from 9/25/12 in which Vivian appeared on the show: Tues-How-To-Survive-A-Kidnapping

Find out how to watch the whole episode here:

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WPIX’s news coverage of Stevie’s case

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Updates on our search efforts:

The numerous private investigators that were interviewed said that the amount of money we have would get us 2 to 3 sets of 8 hour sessions which would include any paperwork, telephone conversations, searches and interviewing time spent on the case. When asked where they would start and what steps they would follow, all of them indicated that they would be repeating the many things that have already been done by Vivian,  Stevie’s mother. These include speaking with Stevie’s family, friends, and those who’ve last seen her. They’d visit places she was known to frequent and follow any leads we have to give them in an attempt to track her moves – these steps have already been taken by Vivian, with some agency assistance.

When the private investigators were asked about getting video footage of 8th Ave near Port Authority and the subways surrounding that area, we were informed that they do not have access to any city agency’s video footage as only the agencies would have that.  After Vivian’s extensive pursuit to see NYPD’s and Transit’s video footage, she was informed that they are written over after thirty days.

In light of this lack of new ideas or capabilities due to their rates, we have chosen not to hire a PI at this time, and to use donation monies to increase our reward offer.

At this point, the best thing we can do is just as we’ve been trying to do all along… get her face and story out to the masses. We need to continue to try and get her on TV, in the newspapers, on the radio, over the internet – on news sites, missing persons sites and the social media sites, as well as continuing to post flyers every and any where. We can’t let the fact that she is still missing fade out.  We have received a couple tips that lead us to believe she may be around the Alphabet City area, though nothing concrete has surfaced.  Still, this is another area (in addition to those cited here in earlier posts) to be vigilant.  As always – we hope for a photograph to prove a sighting of our Stevie.

Vivian has made several calls to a number of TV news stations. They don’t seem to be interested in airing Stevie’s picture and story.

Vivian did an interview with a news reporter from Westchester Journal News in an attempt to get more attention. It was released on August 19th, and you can read it here. We will also be interviewing with a production company affiliated with the Black and Missing Foundation. They will be telling her story on the TV One show, “Find Our Missing”, when the new season starts.  We are hoping that these efforts will spark some public interest and give us new leads to where Stevie is.

Updates on Search Efforts

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Stevie’s mom, Vivian, reports on her recent efforts:

“I’ve gone to Bellvue and Beth Israel in Manhattan, Kings County, Wykoff and Woodhull in Brooklyn, Jacobi, Bronx Lebanon, Lincoln, Montefiore and North Central in the Bronx. The hospital police have agreed to post flyers in the office, ERs, and some wards. Admissions in all have checked using her name, DOB, social, unknown and looked at admittance of females around her age and description in last 6 weeks, nothing.

My colleagues gave out over 1500 flyers near Times Square and the Port Authority area last Friday. Some have taken flyers into their neighborhoods. I have given flyers to fast food restaurants (asking that they display them in their staff lounges) in heavily populated areas on the eastside of Manhattan like 14th St, 23rd st, 54th st and 86th st.

I am looking into a private investigator. Would prefer someone who comes highly recommended with references, experience and the ability to obtain video surveillance that will enable us to follow her trail from 41st and 8th at 8:53am and beyond. Because PIs are so expensive and priced for a specific number of hours, we have to be careful to ask them to obtain specific and relevant info.

I’d like to start looking into locations where free food is being handed out and those Churches which provide no questions asked nightly shelter to the homeless. I will also start working on the westside of manhattan.

People who are willing and able can circulate flyers into fast food restaurants and request that they put them in their staff lounges, as well as asking gas attendants and supermarket managers to display them in their facilities. This can be done in their own neighborhoods, visiting neighborhoods and high traffic areas.

We are very close to $2000 now. Recommendations for PI are needed.”