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Updates on our search efforts:

The numerous private investigators that were interviewed said that the amount of money we have would get us 2 to 3 sets of 8 hour sessions which would include any paperwork, telephone conversations, searches and interviewing time spent on the case. When asked where they would start and what steps they would follow, all of them indicated that they would be repeating the many things that have already been done by Vivian,  Stevie’s mother. These include speaking with Stevie’s family, friends, and those who’ve last seen her. They’d visit places she was known to frequent and follow any leads we have to give them in an attempt to track her moves – these steps have already been taken by Vivian, with some agency assistance.

When the private investigators were asked about getting video footage of 8th Ave near Port Authority and the subways surrounding that area, we were informed that they do not have access to any city agency’s video footage as only the agencies would have that.  After Vivian’s extensive pursuit to see NYPD’s and Transit’s video footage, she was informed that they are written over after thirty days.

In light of this lack of new ideas or capabilities due to their rates, we have chosen not to hire a PI at this time, and to use donation monies to increase our reward offer.

At this point, the best thing we can do is just as we’ve been trying to do all along… get her face and story out to the masses. We need to continue to try and get her on TV, in the newspapers, on the radio, over the internet – on news sites, missing persons sites and the social media sites, as well as continuing to post flyers every and any where. We can’t let the fact that she is still missing fade out.  We have received a couple tips that lead us to believe she may be around the Alphabet City area, though nothing concrete has surfaced.  Still, this is another area (in addition to those cited here in earlier posts) to be vigilant.  As always – we hope for a photograph to prove a sighting of our Stevie.

Vivian has made several calls to a number of TV news stations. They don’t seem to be interested in airing Stevie’s picture and story.

Vivian did an interview with a news reporter from Westchester Journal News in an attempt to get more attention. It was released on August 19th, and you can read it here. We will also be interviewing with a production company affiliated with the Black and Missing Foundation. They will be telling her story on the TV One show, “Find Our Missing”, when the new season starts.  We are hoping that these efforts will spark some public interest and give us new leads to where Stevie is.

  1. Shakeema says:

    I have a really weird feeling that I’ve seen her in the downtown area. Near 14thst. I will share this website becuase I couldn’t imagine what youre going through. My prayers are with you & I will vow to search every weekend that I can. Keep your heads up.

  2. Debbie says:

    Omg..I can’t believe that not Even one sighting..I feel for you… Can it be perhaps she doesn’t want to be found?? Perhaps with a boyfriend?

  3. Debbie says:

    Stevie is in prayers every night and more… Is the mom… My heart goes out to you…

  4. Candice says:

    My heart goes out to you! Unbelievable that she could just disappear into thin air like that! I found a Facebook page “Operation Find Stevie Bates” but I couldn’t see a way to share it and it didn’t have a lot of photos or Stevie’s basic story (description, interests, Occupy involvement, etc) on it. Social media is so powerful. I’m in the Washington, DC area and would love to share it with my networks and I know many of them would turn around and share it as well. I pray for her safe return.

  5. Candice says:

    I found a missing poster of Stevie online and posted it on FB.

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