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Posted: June 5, 2012 in Uncategorized
We have confirmed that Stevie is not in the system of any shelters in NYC.  Because Stevie has worked for NYCDOE as an after school tutor,  NY State has her fingerprints on file.  This means that if she comes in contact with the police or God forbid she turned up deceased the police and the medical examiners would be able to identify her and we have not gotten any notification of such.
So our priority is to focus on the the hospitals.  PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! If you are able to, check the hospitals and follow the steps below.
 If you are able you can print out some flyers and pass them out to the stores, gas stations, in the subways and railroads in your neighborhood.
Also if you are able, can you go into the hospitals (including the psych wards), show her picture and ask them to check all records to see if they have her or any female unknowns in their facility. With the hospital’s it’s important to ask to speak with the Psych department head or Administration heads and ask them to visually search using her picture, particularly in the psych wards, showing the picture to the staff. Also, ask that they put her picture up on bulletin boards in all the psych wards and the administration boards, where staff can see it because if she has had some sort of mental breakdown she could be in under a different name.  We are aware of the HIPPA laws, but are hoping that if our search team is physically in the hospitals with the flyers, that staff might be willing to post the flyers, especially when they hear that the missing persons report has been filed with the police.  Also, hospitals can still say whether or not they have a patient in by her name, or unknowns who match her age and gender. 
 Please send the names of the places you have checked to or maybe you can upload or post it on the web site so that we do not duplicate our search.

Thanks so much for your time and support.  I appreciate every, and anything you can do to help.  If you know of anyone else who would be willing to visit hospitals please pass the information on.
  1. Debbie says:

    What about street cameras?? Did she get back on the train? If not.. What about cameras within a 3-5 block radius?? Someone has to know something!!! We need to get this on the news channels… Now!!!

    • Debra, unfortunately the police would not subpoena the street footage early enough, and it had been written over by the time they did. Thanks for all of your care. -Stevie’s family

  2. g.s. says:

    Hello Vivian,
    It’s gregg suzanne from WV again. The Yonkers Police called me a month ago & I gave them all information and name of police here, but I never got the chance to put up flyers near the Walmart in Nitro WV where I saw her in July. Please contact me at the email I provided if you’d like me to assist you here. I will always be willing to hound them. I will always be saddened that I didn’t listen to God’s voice that day and make her get in my car, sister. But, like you, will always be hopeful for her safe return to you. Stevie, you and your family are always in my prayers. Peace~

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